gr1d.org is a persistent multiplayer online programming game. Its inspired by games such as Robocode, Planetarion, various persistent online worlds and cyberpunk fiction. gr1d.org combines write-your-own code, persistent online world, cyberpunk-RPG, and multiplayer risk style domination and resource gathering together into a fun experience for programmers.


gr1d.org has underlying storyline that affects gameplay and mechanics in a variety of ways.

Write-your-own code

As you gain levels, skills and experience, you can code more powerful agents to use these skills. You produce a fully-fledged class in the .NET IDE of your choice, and upload it to the gr1d.

Persistent online world

While you're offline, your agents continue to run within the gr1d, looking for experience, resources and combat.


Gather as many resources as you can while fighting off raids mounted against you.


Players can participate in battles where hundreds of allied agents are defending against hundreds of attacking agents.

Created: 26 Feb 2012 3:33 AM public@gr1d.org